School Bus Timetables

School transport arrangements and bus timetables

Effective from September 2018

Pembrokeshire County Council

Important School Transport Information
UPDATED 28 September 2020

Please find attached the updated school transport routes to Ysgol Harri Tudur for this academic year 2020-21. Please note, due to reduced capacity on the buses it will not be possible to provide transport for all non-eligible pupils from Monkton and Lamphey who normally pay a fare to travel. 

From 01 October 2020 - There are currently some spare seats on both the Monkton and Lamphey buses however, it is unlikely that they will be able to accommodate all fare paying pupils. This will begin on Thursday 01 October. Please note, once the bus is full the remaining fare paying pupils will be turned away. The cost is £1 each way. There will be a box at the entrance to the bus to drop their £1 fare into, so that the driver does not handle money. Pupils will need to make sure they have the correct money as no change will be given.

Please find attached the revised timetables.

In line with School Transport Operational Guidance for September 2020, it is compulsory for all secondary pupils to wear face masks whilst travelling on school transport.

Secondary School Transport – Changes

Please note from January 2020 the Local Authority will be changing the arrangements for free school transport; in particular;

  • Pupils who are not entitled to free school transport will have to pay to receive a concessionary school bus pass for a contracted school route.
  • Existing concessionary pass holders will shortly receive a letter from the Local Authority explaining the change along with a direct debit form in order to set up future payments.
  • The attached maps show both the English and Welsh Medium School catchment areas for September 2020. Transport provided is based on pupils attending their nearest school (using the road network).

If parents are unsure whether they would be entitled to free school transport, they are encouraged to contact the Local Authority’s Transport Unit on 01437 776313, prior to applying for a school place.

From School to Home

Please note that all buses will leave school at 1:40 p.m. on Fridays except for the 356 (First Cymru service bus), which will still leave at 3:28 p.m.