Ysgol Harri Tudur | Henry Tudor School

Our Empathy Exhibition

One of the many stimulating activities in the EmpathyLab 2021 Empathy Day Family Activities Pack was the suggestion to create an Empathy Family Exhibition; we decided to try this in school too.

In their Empathy Exhibition, pupils shared some of the items most precious to them, and explained why they’re so special to them.

Beautiful, thoughtful and poignant, each piece of writing shows connections between their chosen item, themselves, their families, their friends and their pets.

Click on any of the speech bubbles to see the original piece of work written by the pupil. Click again (or use your browser’s Back button) to come back to this page.

My pink dress A ring my mum and dad gave me after lockdown The ring my nan gave me My phone, with photos of my family on it A ring from my best friend A gold ring that my mum gave to me A picture of my dog, who died at Christmas My phone, an escape from hectic life A letter from my friend in England My old dog's collar A picture of my great-grandparents My nan's puzzle ring A red-and-green blanket my mum made me The song My aunt's pink and purple cat doorstop The headphones my granddad gave me The piano my nan gave me Our much-loved copy of A photo of me holding my dog for the first time My iPad - joy in the best and worst of times